Conquer Mind and Body Fitness is about YOU.  We design fitness programs and provide nutritional guidance that meet your health needs, goals, and interests.  You do not need to suffer through a grueling workout that you hate or a strict diet that bores you. We are about your interests, your goals, your needs, and most importantly, your results.  Your assessment is completely free, so come check us out and see what we can do to make your fitness path enjoyable and successful.

Our Conquer Mind and Body trainers have experience with a wide variety of clientele. Our expertise ranges from high intensity training, strength training, muscle building, sports performance, and self defense to much less aggressive training for rehabilitation, physical therapy, yoga, and catering to extreme limitations. We love working with clients with completely different needs.  Overall, fitness is mind and body.  We tackle limitations, rehabilitate your injuries and imbalances, and conquer your goals by working on what you do with your body, what you put in your body to continue to heal and build your body, and what your incredible mind can bring to the table.  With those factors, together, we can conquer almost anything.

What can I expect when I train with Conquer Mind and Body Fitness?

All interested customers start with a FREE consultation where we discuss your goals, injuries, previous routines, nutrition, and answer any questions. We then discuss program options that meet your interests and needs. It's an extremely informative session with no pressure to sign up, and it is completely FREE. 

That said, an in-depth exploration of your nutrition options and plans is only half of the equation. The following session will consist of a workout or two that will help us clearly identify your fitness level, strengths, and weaknesses, from which we develop your program. 

Now we're ready to go! Prepare to sweat, grunt, and laugh (yes, laugh) while we conquer your goals each session. You will quickly feel better in the gym, in your clothes, and walking around showing off the new and continuously improving you!