Not Top Ramen

For the warm summer nights in Phoenix, there's nothing like ramen to keep you feeling hotter. So really, this is something for winter but I like noodles so whatever. Here's what you need:

Chicken broth

Brown rice ramen noodles (found at Costco)

Baby bok choy

Protein of some sort (I sliced up some chicken breast)


Kimchi (I used Wildbrine Kimchi found at Sprouts)

Coco Aminos

Boil up the chicken broth and add your protein. Once your protein is about 70% cooked (mostly cooked with some raw pieces), add your brown rice noodles. These cook really quickly (I think 4 minutes total). Once the noodles are at minute 2, I add in baby boy choy to keep them slightly crunchy yet tender. At minute 3, I add the egg because I like mine soft boiled for a runny yolk. Top with Coco Aminos and kimchi to taste. Enjoy and feel good about eating ramen for once.

Brown rice ramen with baby bok choy, chicken, kimchi, and a runny egg
Healthy Ramen

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