Our Training Philosophy

The excitement and self esteem that grows as clients meet their goals fuels us all day every day.  We are a results-driven facility that thrives off of the success of our clients.  Your success is our success. That is our passion. We work hard to help our clients be proud of and improve themselves and, in turn, look forward to every day of work and the new excitement, new goals reached, and increased happiness of our clients.

Bryan Hoover


Bryan has a long history with fitness, researching and experimenting with various fitness regiments years, which led to earning his personal training certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM). Over the course of his career, he has worked with a variety of people with very diverse goals. Bryan has trained clients who are athletes looking to optimize their performance, to avid gym-goers trying to increase muscle size and strength, to those just endeavoring to live a healthy lifestyle. Whatever your goals may be, it's his mission to help build a plan that works best for you so you can conquer them. 

Liz Brooks 4.jpg

Liz Brooks

Owner, Trainer

Liz's first personal gym experience was horrible. A stereotypical personal trainer over-worked her muscles to the point of bruising and muscle loss, walked off to talk on his phone, jumped into her workouts, focused on what he wanted to exercise that day, and paid no attention to her form.


Needless to say, the contract did not last so Liz took matters into her own hands. Armed with copious amounts of research and a nationally-recognized certification in personal training, she began sharing her expertise and experience with others. Motivated by the results, Liz's mission now is to help all of her clients succeed by using research-based training methods personally tailored to each individual with care.